Director: Bhusan Dahal
Star Casts: Saugat Malla, Diya Maskey, Nima Rumba, Hanif Md, Puja Gurung, Asha Magarati, Anup Baral, Pushkar Gurung, Sabitri Sharma

Script Writer: Prashant Rasaily

Release Date: Poush 27 2064 (01/11/2008)
Kagbeni, the much talked about Quest Entertainment Production, (its first production) is one Nepali movie that almost everyone is patiently waiting for। The publicity has already made a big impression and further expectations have increased with the official release of it’s original movie soundtrack.
The soundtrack has been done by 1974 A.D and the movie features well knows celebrities such as Nima Rumba, and Pooja Gurung and more.

Thnkx goes to Bhusan Dahal, he have just started a breakthrough in Nepali movie. The expections from this Digital Made film is not just the audio and the video quality, but i am eager to see those tough to imagine sceneries of Kagbeni, of our Mustang District.

The good and creative Nepali Documentary Films maker Bhusan Dahal will surely surprise Nepali viewers, the starcasts are other actors apart from Kollywood regulars. Famous pop singer Nima Rumba would surely rock in this movie. The goregeous model Pooja Gurung, i am waiting to see her actings..

The few noticable things about Kagbeni Movie are, it is the first nepali movie to be made on high definition digital technology. The movie have used a unique presentation style to most of the Nepali Movie Viewers. It is thriller movie with the creative direction of Bhusan Dahal. I am waiting eagerly to see the Debut movie of popstar Nima Rumba and theatre actors Saugat Malla, Diya Maskey and Pooja Gurung.

The story presents the lifestyle and livelihood of the upper Himalayan region, (Kagbeni, Mustang). I hope this would be a technically revolutioary movie for Nepali Film Industry. ‘Kagbeni’ should prove to be ‘the’ movie that we all talk about, ‘the’ movie that will make all of us interested in our own Nepali movies. I can say, the films like Kagbeni if started releasing in Nepal, i won’t prefer to watch those “Culturally De-Motivating Movies of other Language”, the films that doesn’t match the Nepali Cultural background, but we look because there are no options! The “Kagbeni” would be Option A now.

कागबेनी भाग १

कागबेनी भाग २

कागबेनी भाग ३

कागबेनी भाग ४

कागबेनी भाग ५

कागबेनी भाग ६

कागबेनी भाग ७

कागबेनी भाग ८

कागबेनी भाग ९

कागबेनी भाग १०

कागबेनी भाग ११

कागबेनी भाग १२

कागबेनी भाग १३

कागबेनी भाग १४


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