Easy way to install Feedjit in WordPress

It’s been like three month since I started using blog here in WordPress, and I have found that there are actually viewers visiting my site. Triggered by this, I have thought of a live traffic feeder that could monitor my visitor’s location.

I have thought of that “Feedjit”, the most used life traffic feeder which is free for 10 days. And yeah, I’ve looked that on different blogs and found two answers: unavailable, for wordpress and available, but unfortunately, they have explained on how you get the Feedjit in the most vague way that a neophyte blogger could not understand such in-depth computer terminologies.

Desperate in getting Feedjit, I have found my own way, and hell yeah, it works:

This is the step:

Hit the appearance button in the left side of your blog.

Click the button widget
Drag the text widget that you can see in the available widgets box to the sidebar (located at the right of the available widgets)

Click the widget which you have just dragged in the sidebar and follow this:
Click here get for feedjit HTML Code


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