5 Way to WordPress Plugins to Monitor Your Blog’s Traffic

Traffic on your blog represents everything from your popularity in the marketplace to your income and lifestyle, making it very important to track. The better you know what attracts visitors and what topics and titles are popular, the better you can serve your visitors and the more success you will have. Monitoring traffic to your blog can be confusing, especially when dealing with all those mysterious log files that come from your hosting provider. Here are 10 WordPress plugins to monitor your blog’s traffic that makes checking your traffic as easy as pushing a button or clicking a link.


You don’t have to wait for log files to post or for any automated system to turn over for you to get stats for your blog. Wassup is one powerful solution that plugs into WordPress to deliver you everything you need to know about your blog’s performance. It features an administrative console that makes reading your statistics easy and is intended to let you know about what people are doing while they are on your blog, so the emphasis is more on behavior than just on raw periodic data. Wassup also has a widget for your sidebar that displays recent queries and the count of online visitors. Wassup is available for free, but donations are accepted.

2.Google Analytics Dashboard

Gives you the benefits of viewing Google Analytics data without the need to leave your WordPress dashboard. You can share data from your site as part of your site’s theme or you can share information between logged-in users. In a world where you cannot survive without quality data about your Web site, Google Analytics makes it easy to view the powerful data that Google Analytics creates. This plugin is available for free and requires a free Google Analytics account.


A plugin that doesn’t seem to be available from the WordPress.org themes directory, but it is available directly from the Feedjit site. This cool plugin allows you to receive instant notifications when your friends visit your blog. You know what they read, and where they click, how long they stay, and when they go. Made to look a little bit like Facebook, Feedjit has a network of subscribed friends that you can see as they come and go. You can get a ten day trial for either the Advanced or Pro version of Feedjit, after which a subscription is required: $4.95 per month for “Advanced,” and $9.95 per month for “Pro.”


Another real time analytics plugin that automatically adds the required code to all of your posts and pages to make Chartbeat even easier to use. Every time a page or post is loaded on your WordPress blog, this plugin sends a ping to Chartbeat, so you know what’s going on with your blog at all times. This plugin is free, but the actual Chartbeat services cost $9.95 – 149.95 per month after a 30 day free trial.

5.Google Analytics

A free WordPress plugin that makes it easy to collect analytics data. Install this plugin and then paste in your Google Analytics asynchronous code and you will begin collecting data that can be quickly visible at the Google Analytics Web site.

So much depends on your Blog; you can’t afford to let it go unattended. By using these 5 WordPress plugins to monitor your blog you can focus your efforts on the pages, posts, keywords, and topics that are benefiting you the most.


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