मोडेल शीफा गुरूङ्

Facts about SHEEFA
“A SCORE” Some have it. Some are struggling to get it. All are in the virtual fashion contest.

Name: Sheefa Gurung (Dwells in Pokhara)
Age: 20, Height: 5’ 5” (She looks tall and confident) Hips: 36″, Weight: 68 Kg, Marital Status: Single

Outlooks: She looks lousy when she is bored but when it comes to fashion she remains sexy, sassy gal
Behavior: She is friendly, good sense of humor, likes to make friend and have flowers from her friends

Gossip: She is one of the most desirable lady in town. She gives a sexy and dramatic style for revealing silhouette. Using unique fabrics from Levis Home, she gives the softest and finest feeling of fashion. She is a chick who hates to take chances by herself. She likes to wear clothes by a designer who does. No wonder. She never misses the fashion mark of the moment. Fortunately for her, there are a lot of hot and playful guys out there who like her flash just the way she is … When it comes to style; she remains the same, sexy, sassy gal.


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